About us…

Reptiles Unlimited was started in 1997 in Durban, and was the first reptile specific pet store in South Africa.

Reptiles Unlimited is today a web based, private breeding facility, and is in the process of building up an ever increasing impressive breeding collection.

We currently have some exciting medium and long term projects on the go as well as a substantial amount of indigenous South African reptiles. We will be keeping you informed as offspring become available, so make sure you bookmark us and check back regularly!

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Our primary focus is non-venomous constrictors, but we can also supply a wide variety of alternative captive bred reptiles including venomous snakes, as well as captive bred lizards.

All snakes sold are guaranteed feeding so as to make the transition from our breeding facility to your collection as seamless and effortless as possible.

Reptiles Unlimited is a proud founder member of ARK-KZN